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Sometimes We Mean It

Sometimes we say things that are worth sharing with the outside world. Sometimes we mean it.

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"Another deep puddle album? it’ll never happen again. i put it like this, i read this milan kundera piece about circles, basically being when you leave a circle it closes, and you can never re enter it. we all left that circle, there is no re-entering it. if we did it again, it could never live up to the magic that happened the first time, we were young, dumb and full of curiosity about music and its possibilities… that was the beginning of something there, and you can’t re-create something like that just for nostalgia."
- Sole via reddit AMA.

WHY? announce release of a new album: Mumps, etc.

WHY? have announced the release of a new full-length album that will be titled Mumps, etc.. The LP will come out Oct. 9 on WHY? frontman Yoni Wolf’s own Anticon Records.

Them - Them’s My People

Astronautalis Documentary! Teaser Trailer!

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Fatalist Palmistry by WHY?

Serengeti - "California" from anticon. on Vimeo.


Serengeti - “California”

Produced by Yoni Wolf of WHY?. From the LP Family & Friends, out July 19, 2010.

Directed by Paul Matian.



“the third planet” off the new @kthei album featuring raps by sole.  off “synesthesia” his first instrumental album.

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“This is a speculative music video I made for The Legendary Buck 65. It is comprised of over 60 fictional movie title cards inspired by the lyrics of the track “Superstars Don’t Love” off Buck’s 2011 release 20 Odd Years”

www.buck65.com & vimeo.com/buckshotdesign

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Themselves. Real Hip-Hop. 

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13 & God: "Old Age"

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Parts and Labor Union by Ravi Zupa


AV Club Denver: Denver-based Anticon cofounder Sole has just released his first self-produced music video for a new track he co-wrote with Pedestrian called “White Rage.” In Sole’s words, it’s a song about “our response to the race baiting, Arizona apartheid, and insanity of post-Obama America.” In other words, Sole finds the Tea Party a wee bit overblown and out of touch, and he’d like its members to maybe stop and reconsider their positions. We await their response, especially if they deliver it in a sure-to-be-awkward rap from John Boehner.


The Hoofs

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Why? - These Few Presidents

Live at the Williamsburg Waterfront (Jelly Pool Parties 2010).